Saturday, February 19, 2011

What next?

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Last week's no-sugary treat challenge was...well, challenging.  I thought I'd go crazy today and eat all the sugary treats in sight, but I didn't.  I had some frozen yogurt and a sugar-free jell-o cup.  I suppose technically I could have had the jell-o cup last week, but I decided not to do fake-sugary treats along with the real.

So now what?  What's next?  I am 1.4 pounds away from 100 pounds lost.  What can I do to kick things up this week?  I don't think I'll do another sugar-free week.  I think I need to up the exercise in some way.  I am limited with the time I have in the gym because of the bus system (last direct bus home from the gym - which is downtown by my work - is at 6:15pm giving me about one hour to get to the gym, change, workout and leave).  I think when I meet with my trainer on Wednesday that I might ask her to do some boxing with me...kick boxing stuff.  Last time I asked her about yoga, but quite frankly, yoga bores me.  My workouts to date have been consisting of treadmill - interval workouts - either incline or speed; strength training - free weights for upper body and machines for lower - I hate, HATE lunges and squats, hence the machines.  I think I need to add something different.  I've been thinking about doing the stairs at work - maybe once up and once down per day.  I work on the 13th floor...not overly high, but high enough.  I miss the stairmaster that they had at my old gym.  It burned more calories in a shorter period of time than the treadmill or the elliptical does.  BUT my new gym opens two weeks from TODAY!  I can't wait.  I can get back to water aerobics, there's an indoor track (hopefully it'll be less boring than the treadmill), a brand new gym where the cardio machines EACH have their own TV!  Oh, I can't wait!

I'm off to figure out supper.  Bought some new stuff at the Bulk Barn today - bulgur, chia seeds and some more quinoa.  I think tonight will be a quinoa stir fry...last week's was SO good :-)


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