Friday, June 4, 2010

How blessed am I?

Pin It So this week started with one of my guys (at work) giving me a Tim Card and some bath stuff to thank me for helping him do up his wedding invites (yay!), then another friend offered to pick me up supper on Wednesday night when my time between getting home and heading to small group, shall we say non-existent?!  THEN last night I come home and open my mailbox and it's STUFFED full - I'm puzzled...I haven't ordered anything recently (at least nothing that will fit in my mailbox!)..what COULD this be?  My friend in the UK had send me a pair of shoes, a bathing suit (costumes as they call them over there) and a tiny little travel bag in its own poach (that grows to be nice & big!)!!!  I love getting mail (that isn't a bill or junk mail) and rarely do - and I NEVER get care packages!!!

So this week I did water aerobics Sunday, Monday, Thursday and did strength training on Tues (at home) and Wed (at the gym with my trainer)...last night I went to bed and my abs are so sore I could barely turn over!  I considered going to water aerobics BOOTCAMP tonight after work at the Y, but I think this might not be the best week for bootcamp and my abs :-)  Tomorrow I am trying another water aerobics class at the Y - oh yeah, another friend of mine who works at the Y downtown sent me 4 day passes!!!  Another blessing :-)

Tomorrow is weigh in day and I'm nervous - last week I stayed the same and I don't want the same this week - ideally I'd like 3.2lbs to hit the 60lb marker, but I'm not holding my breath!!

Wish me luck!