Saturday, May 25, 2013

Have you missed me?

Pin It A good friend of mine mentioned to me this week that she missed reading my blog.  I didn't realize it had been so long since I'd posted.  Not a lot has gone on since I last posted in March.  Work and life have been crazy and I am still struggling to get back to goal. 

I haven't been to the gym much in the last month or so, but I've been walking my butt off ( butt).  We started a pedometer challenge in my office at the beginning of May (I'm on team Scrambled Legs), so I feel the need to walk, and walk, and walk again.  I never realized I had a competitive streak until this challenge :)

Last week at WW, the topic was Dining vs Eating.  We eat to survive (often mindlessly) and dining should be an enjoyable experience and we should be completely present when we dine.  As a single girl, I tend to eat alone most of the time (don't awwww, I like "me-time"!).  A side effect of eating alone is... sitting in front of the TV with a plate on my lap.  This prompted The Great Dining Room Table Challenge (you can see the pictures on my Pinterest board).  I went to the dollar store and got myself some cool (cheap!) dishes and last weekend I set the table for most of my meals (really, you should look at the pics...they look kinda cool!).  I had fun with it!  I found I paid more attention to my meals - both while preparing and while eating them.  I felt a bit special eating at the dining room table off of cool dishes with candles and flowers :) 

This week (again), I was up at WW.  Not 100% sure why, but I am not focusing on that this week.  I made good choices this week, I focused on dining instead of just eating and I also walked the equivalent of a half-marathon (a bit more actually)...not all at the same time - over 4 days.  This week coming I have a lot of challenges (food-wise) to face - a work function tomorrow night and another one on Wednesday night (that involves Chinese food...which I've been craving forever!!!) and I have lunch with a supplier on Thursday.  Those of you who have known me/read my blog for long will know that while losing weight, I avoided eating out.  I do better when I eat at home and avoid restaurants.  This week freaks me out a tiny bit, BUT I have gone into my online tracker for those three days and have pre-planned my days, allowing for my "wants". 

Speaking of people who know me well....  I have a Saturday ritual that I follow.  I go to WW, then I get groceries (sometimes I brunch in between the two).  I almost always get two items with my Saturday groceries:  a red velvet cupcake and sushi (I count the points, don't worry!).  Keeping in mind, I don't always go to the same grocery store (one has better sushi, the other better red velvet).  Well, today I went to Sobeys near WW and went to the baker counter - the lady looks at me and says "Red velvet, right?"  Oh my... my name is Tanya... and I'm a cupcake-aholic :(  Think I have a problem?  I think it must be bad when the bakery person knows my "usual"!!  Oh well.... could be worse I suppose!

I won't make any promises, but I am going to try to write more.  I miss you guys!