Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Photo update - original...29lbs and 40lbs

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

I've lost a small child...

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Or the equivalent of one anyways!  My friend's almost three year old weighs the same amount as what I have now lost.  I'm doing my happy dance today!  Finally...after 23 weeks on WW, I have hit the 40lb mark!!!  Woohoo!!  Carrying her upstairs to put her to bed last night really drives things home for me...that little girl weighs about 40lbs - I've lost one of HER...

I am so happy today - this, plus the beautiful weather we've been having for EIGHT, count 'em, EIGHT straight days, makes me do the dance of joy!  I so love the spring.  I think it's my favorite time of year - the snow melts, the tulips and crocuses start to crop up, the birds sing, the sun warms my apartment...ahhhh  I am so happy I think I am going to put my music on and clean like Snow White and whistle/sing while I work!

Happy Saturday everyone!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

I need to go back to elementary math class apparently...

Pin It so...40- 35.8 is NOT 3.2...haha, here I thought I was 3.2 lbs away from 40, but I was actually 4.2 away.  Oh well, I did manage to lose 3lbs this week, bringing my total to 38.8.  Only 1.2lbs away from 40!  Yesterday I made Kamryn get on the scales (no, not obsessed with the child's weight...read on!).  She weighs 49.5lbs...soooo....in 10 more lbs, I will have lost AN ENTIRE KAMRYN! hehehe, the things we look at the keep us going!

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day here in the HRM - a tad windy, but still, a lovely day.  I headed over to the Darkside after breakfast and took a swing by Guy Frenchy's on Tacoma Drive...it's funny - when I was a 24/26 there was NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING in my size...everything was 18/20...now that I'm an 18, EVERYTHING I pick up is a 24/26!!  grrrrr!  Some lovely things over there in size 24/26.  Oh well, I did manage to get a 2 skirts (one knee-length denim and 1 long one), a pair of work capris (don't quite fit nicely yet, but will by capri season), a pair of shorts and a pair of cotton capris.  Also picked up 2 books - my entire haul came to $24...not bad for my transition wardrobe.  After Frenchy's I was picking Kamryn up at a birthday party on this side of the bridge and then the two of us headed to Mom and Dad's for the afternoon.  It's funny how different children (siblings) are from each other.  Kayleigh would KILL for alone time with Auntie/Nanny, whereas Kamryn complained that she had no other kids to play with...hehehe  Oh well, we went to the playground and then took a drive to the new Value Village in Pleasant street...Mom got a skort and I got nada...although that store is VERY well laid out.  Everything sorted by type/size and even, to some extent, colour!  Impressive for a second hand store!

Well, I must go do a bit of tidying of my apartment and then get ready for church.  Off to enjoy another beautiful sunny day in the HRM!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I'm at a standstill....

Pin It or so it seems... last few weeks I've been losing .8, .2, .8...grrrr...I'm not cheating - I mark it all down...but I think my sodium intake has been somewhat higher than normal, what with the Olympic snack hours we've been having at work the past two weeks...I'm not used to a) snacking in the afternoon or b) eating chips every day!  Now, I was honest and did record these in my food journal...I did count the points...and I did stay within my point range...but I suppose the choices I made were not the wisest I could have...to top that off, Ann was visiting from England and we had Indian food on Thursday (more sodium) and I had lemon pie last night at the Big Stop after Arlene and I dropped Ann off at the airport...This week I have my friend Tanya coming from St. John's - luckily just meeting her for a quick drink (diet 7-up of course!) after work on Friday and will be able to beg off any junk food (I hope!).  I have a Dr's appointment a week from tomorrow and had hoped to be down another 3.2lbs by then so I could claim to have a total of 40lbs gone by my Dr's appt...three more days to go - here's  hoping!

Well, I'm off to bed now...two days down, three to go...long week already and it's only Tuesday!