Saturday, March 13, 2010

I've lost a small child...

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Or the equivalent of one anyways!  My friend's almost three year old weighs the same amount as what I have now lost.  I'm doing my happy dance today!  Finally...after 23 weeks on WW, I have hit the 40lb mark!!!  Woohoo!!  Carrying her upstairs to put her to bed last night really drives things home for me...that little girl weighs about 40lbs - I've lost one of HER...

I am so happy today - this, plus the beautiful weather we've been having for EIGHT, count 'em, EIGHT straight days, makes me do the dance of joy!  I so love the spring.  I think it's my favorite time of year - the snow melts, the tulips and crocuses start to crop up, the birds sing, the sun warms my apartment...ahhhh  I am so happy I think I am going to put my music on and clean like Snow White and whistle/sing while I work!

Happy Saturday everyone!!