Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow, snow, go away

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I'm sure we've had snow every week since Winter began.  This week we had two storms right on top of each other!  Have I mentioned lately that I hate Winter?  Actually, it's not Winter so much that I hate, but the snow, freezing rain, cold, dark, ice...yep, that's about it!  I also feel blah in the winter - especially January/February.  Not depressed, just...blah.  I heard somewhere recently that people who are born in Winter months tend to suffer more from seasonal effectiveness disorder...not sure if this is true or not, but I'm a January baby :-)

This week I have ROCKED the exercise.  Sunday, gym; Monday; Wii Yoga for 30 mins (after going out for supper!); Tues, Wed, Thurs - gym.  I ran for 7 minutes again on the treadmill yesterday and my hips didn't hurt today!  I increased the incline to 4.0 - I wonder if that makes a difference...

I've eat well this week too - although I usually do.  Went out for supper on Monday night (unexpectedly) to a place where I couldn't even view their menu online beforehand (website was down)...I ordered the special (blackened halibut with lobster tail on top with some kind of sauce) and had them put the sauce on the side and asked for my veggies w/out fat.  It came with a saffron rice - I only ate about half a cup of that and I didn't care for the sauce, so I had my fish plain - and it was delicious!  The "lobster tail" was just a couple bites of lobster, which they put in the sauce - I pulled it out, shook it off and ate it and counted for 2 tbsp of cream sauce (guesstimate).  For dessert I had mango sorbet, which was delicious!  I also had one piece of crusty bread with a teeny bit of butter on wasn't great, so I didn't even want another piece :-) 

This is my first week without my scales.  I did break down today and rescue them from the closet and am praying that they lied to me (4lbs up) - back in the closet they go.  I figure I did well with not weighing myself since last Saturday...I feel VERY bloated this week.  Had a bit more sodium than I usually do.  I'm not a salt eater, I don't cook with it ever (even if a recipe calls for it, typically I leave it out) and I don't eat a lot of packaged foods.  This week I had soup a couple times - it was homemade, but it was VERY VERY salty.  Tonight I had sushi from the grocery store and only used one tiny package of soy sauce...probably shouldn't have had any.  I'm not sure why I'm "feeling" the salt so much this week (not THAT time or even close)...I will just keep guzzling the water and hoping and praying that this feeling goes away. 

Well folks, just when I thought I had nothing to say....look at me, lots to say after all!  Signing off...back again on Saturday to report in on my weigh in.


Shondi said...

Looks like your fears were unfounded! I think you need to ditch your stress-inducing scale. Congrats on another loss this week.

Tanya said...

Thanks!! Haha, yeah, the scales are evil. AND I switched my weigh in dress today!! still a summer one, just not hte B&W one you gave me :-)