Saturday, February 26, 2011


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I stayed the same this week.  Well, the scales kept hovering between staying the same and being up .2, so she put it down as staying the same...  I worked SO hard this week.  I know I said last night that I was not going to set myself up for disappointment...but I am disappointed. 

So I went shopping to help myself feel better.  I was never a "retail therapy" kinda girl before...but now it's a bit more fun.  I bought a dress from Sears today (half price!) in a size 12.  If they'd had a 10, I would have gotten's kind of a stretchy material so I could have likely gotten away with a 10, but, alas, only a 12 and an 8 on the rack.  I also bought a bathing suit at Walmart (looked at Sears, but I refuse to pay $100 for a bathing suit I'll only wear for a few months).  Last time I was at Walmart they didn't have anything I liked.  This time I settled.  For $32 I guess that's OK.  It's funny, I was drawn to the plus size bathing suits - I think it's because they covered up more (plus they had more "girls" support).  They had this adorable black one with white polka dots on the top and a pink trim around the neckline...but the smallest size they had was a 16 :-(  I may have to look at bathing suits again in the US when I go (hopefully in early May).

One week from today the new Canada Games Centre opens to the public...I can't wait!!  No aerobics schedule yet, but hopefully soon.  They will be open at 6am as of next Monday morning (8am on weekends), so I am thinking of trying to do morning workouts.  I've never been a morning workout person before - partly because I'm not a morning person!  Perhaps the newness and excitement of this new facility will turn me into one.  It'll be nice to have my workout over and done with before work and to just come home after work (during daylight hours!!!) instead of heading to the gym.  I'll have to see if I have enough time to workout, shower, get ready and get home in time to meet my ride at 8am...should be OK since I'm only a 5 minute drive from the Centre.  Yay!!

Girls night tonight at the house of one of my girl friends.  Hopefully I will be able to avoid "bad" snacks.  Someone at WW said this morning that one way they avoid bowls of chips at events is to think "GERMS!!!!"...this might work, but I know all the ladies who will be there tonight and am fairly confident in their cleanliness ;-)  But I will keep that in mind for other events where there are open bowls of chips and other naughties.


Shondi said...

Oh, Tanya. Don't get discouraged - you will get there soon!

Exercising in the am at least a few times per week would free up some of your evenings to do other stuff!

The new facility looks great!

Tanya said...

:-) thanks for the support my friend!

Anonymous said...

Staying the same is alot of work!!! Do not be discouraged!!!! It is not how fast you win the race it is that you reach the finish line!!! You are an inspiration to me!!!!!


Tanya said...

Thanks Jewell!!