Saturday, February 12, 2011

Are you with me??!

Pin It Ok, this 2.8lbs has GOT to go before the end of February.  I have decided.  That's it.  This will get me to the 100lbs lost.  According to Weight Watchers, I will still need to lose another 36 or more pounds...we'll see.

So, this week I have decided to try something new (for me, at least!).  Monday through Friday my goal for this week is to not have any sugary treats.  No cake, no ice cream, no frozen yogurt, no cookies.  I have not decided yet if I will abstain from sugar-free treats like sugar-free jell-o.  Ideally I would leave those out as well.  Don't get me wrong - there is nothing wrong with having a cookie or some ice cream every once in a while, but I do have a tendency to use a lot of my points on these items.  To sweeten my Greek yogurt, smoothies and oatmeal, I will use maple syrup or honey instead of brown sugar as I sometimes use. 

I'm not planning to go insane and check ingredient lists to see if something has sugar in it or not.  My plan is to start slowly, so this week's plan is to avoid obviously sugary treats.  Perhaps next week I will try to go sugar-free all together :-)

Are you with me?  Anybody else interested in a sugar-free "work week"??  My biggest problem with doing this is...I forget!  I reach for something, only thinking "do I have the points for this?" and then I eat it...then I remember "crap, I'm going sugar-free this week!".  So, feel free to remind me or ask me how it's going!  I will try and post my results each day on Facebook and Twitter so that you can follow along.


Anonymous said...

Hi Fellow Canadian...I'm from Vancouver, BC. WTG on your almost 100 lbs. That is fantastic. No or low sugar is a good thing. It really helps me with cravings. Now I need to check out your recipes. Oh, btw, I'm a fellow WW too.

Tanya said...

Thanks Darla! Welcome to my little piece of the blogosphere :-) I'm heading over to check out your blog now.

marlieben said...

I wish you all the best going low sugar. It works very well for me and I feel so good when I eat that way. However it is always so hard for me to really start it and even worse to maintain it since I get such bad headaches when I cut out sugar too much. I have been thinking of trying it again and I guess I will as soon as I build up the courage to start. Good Luck to you. Once you maintain it those 2.8 lbs should just melt off.

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