Saturday, February 5, 2011

I feel like chicken tonight!

Pin It I was pleasantly surprised to find Prime chicken breasts (boneless, skinless) in the small packages on sale for $3.88/lb when I went to the Superstore tonight!  Not an advertised sale, so I was very happy to find these.  Prime never goes on sale for this price! 

My recipe of the day is Hungry Girl's Finger Lickin' Good! chicken strips (photos below).  I had tried her Lord of the Onion Rings 2.0 a while back and they were not bad.   Like the onion rings, this recipe used Fibre One (Fiber One in the US) cereal as the coating.  I didn't have any egg beaters, so I used 2 egg whites, a touch of egg yolk and a splash of skim milk instead.  I served the strips with dijonnaise dressing and roasted sweet potatoes and red peppers.  YUMMY!!  They were really good!  I think next time I would dip them in BBQ sauce, honey or maybe honey mustard.  The dijonnaise wasn't bad, but it needed something a bit sweeter.  The original recipe called for garlic salt and pepper, but I just used a mixture of my own spices (maple curry spice and spicy tomato sauce seasoning from Epicure)...might be good to throw in a bit of Parmesan cheese too :-)

before cooking
whole meal deal

Crispy chicken strips
On another note, I "chopped" my hair off last night!  Not really short, but I did lose about 4 inches.  I have to say I LOVE IT!!  My stylist has used a hot air styler on my hair in the past and tonight they were on sale 30% off!  PLUS I had earned enough SalonRewards points to take another $25 full price I don't think I'd have splurged on an item like this, but with this new style, I was thinking about getting a large barrel curling iron, plus I need a new round all in all, I think I saved money!  It's called an Isinis Ceramix Hot Air Styler with Ceramic Barrel and it's so cool!  You dry your hair about 50% of the way (depending on how thick your hair is...mine is fairly thick) and then you use the styler, which is like a round brush, curling iron and blow dryer all in one! 

Here's a photo of my new do that I took myself last night.  BEWARE: no makeup and my hair appt was right after my workout at the gym...and I'm not great at self-photography!


Shondi said...

I like the hair! And the chicken strips look good too!

Dijonnaise - imagine, a condiment I haven't tried yet!

Brandi {1 of 2} said...

LOVE the hair! It's so cute on you!!