Thursday, February 17, 2011

Telus made me miss my workout

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I just would like to say that I am very anti-Telus today.  Long story short, I took over someone else's Blackberry plan at work (not my choice...I didn't even want a BB) and in the same breath, took over their very old BB...afterwards, Telus tells me the phone is only 8 months I said, it is a VERY old one - no camera, heavy, bulky (picture the old "car" phones from the olden days early 90s, but in BB's an 8830 for anyone familiar).  So I've had this BB for 8 months and it's been OK...until today.  I get a text from Telus - you've used more than $10 worth of data (above and beyond what my plan covers).  First of all, my BB stays in my purse 99% of the time and rarely gets used.  My work emails come through it, but the volume of emails I get is not THAT high.  I logged onto their site to check and see what was going on that I'd used so much data only 2 weeks into my billing cycle.  Yesterday alone it was showing over 6700 KB of data used!  It was in my purse all day long!!!  Today it showed over 1,000 kb and I had literally just taken it out of my purse.  So to make a long story short I call Telus to see what's going on and after 30 mins on the phone with them they say, sorry, those are valid data charges.  Nothing we can do. Grrrrr!!!  So now I'm STUCK with an ugly old BB that I don't want that's for some reason EATING data.  I have not downloaded anything lately, I don't BBM all day long, I rarely text (I've sent probably fewer texts in my lifetime than most teens send in an hour). 

Ok, sorry for the vent....all that to day I missed the gym tonight because of Telus and I'm mad.  In order to make it to the gym before I leave downtown I have to leave the office right at 5, workout for about 45-50 mins and be OUT of the gym with my coat and boots on by 6pm (gym is next door to work) in order to catch the last bus of the day home...tonight I left the office at 5:20 and went home.

On a happier note, I have almost completely made it through my 4th no-sugary-treat day!  Some had cinnamon buns today and I stuck with watermelon.  It really is getting easier.  I think one thing this week is teaching me is that I don't always have to have what everyone else around me is having (umm, like last week's mutli-cake days...).  I am finding that if I have something healthy that I enjoy at the same time, I don't feel deprived...much :-)  I think Saturday I will be having a major chocolate fix though!!

I'm off to have supper shortly - breakfast for supper again I think (eggs, toast and turkey bacon). 


~ Darla ~ said...

Way to get through your 4th day. My husband used to work for Telus...we call them Smellus.