Friday, February 18, 2011

I did it!

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Five whole days without any sugary treats!  And it actually did get easier as the week went on.  Don't get me wrong, I WILL be having me some chocolate tomorrow :-)  I actually forgot about it on Monday as I was leaving my office and I grabbed a peppermint life saver candy from the bowl at our reception desk.  As I was riding down in the elevator I remembered!  So...that life saver is still in my pocket :-)  No granola bars, no muffins, no cake, no cookies, no pie, no chocolate (yikes!) and no minty life savers.  Whew.  Now let's hope I'm rewarded on the scales tomorrow.  I know that realistically I will not hit the 100lb mark tomorrow, but I would like to be a pound or so closer :-)  My last loss over more than 2 pounds was back in the fall and it was 2.4 make the 100 mark, I need to lose 2.8 pounds...Hey, I DO believe in miracles!

Now I'm going to bed - there's a chocolate bar in my fridge calling my name...'Night all...


Anonymous said...

At least you know you can do it, right? Congrats. It's a tough challenge because you just don't realize how much sugar we actually eat.