Friday, February 11, 2011

The week that wouldn't end

Pin It I thought this week would NEVER end!  Thank God it is now, officially, OVER!  Well, the work week is over.  I'm OK with Saturday remaining :-)  Not to go into details, but it's been one of those weeks. 

I think my blog has been a bit dull this week.  I made another quinoa stir fry this week to use up the last of my quinoa.  This time I added some fresh ginger and some string beans in addition to all the other veggies I usually add.  I ran out of my Raspberry Chipotle salsa, so added some regular salsa to give it some "saucy-ness".  I'll put a few pics below.

Food-wise I stayed on program all week - although I did have cake THREE times.  WAY too much cake for one week.  I did not go over my weekly points - in fact, I have about 16 left, plus all of my activity points.  According to the Wii fit, I am down a bit over 2lbs this week since last Friday...let's hope it's more accurate than my banished scales!  I haven't had a 2lb loss in a while - that would be awesome!

Fitness-wise...not such a great week.  Worked out every day last week, including Saturday.  This week...Monday, Thursday, Friday.  My trainer did measure me again since I started doing strength-training about 3 weeks ago.  In total, I've lost an INCH and a HALF!  She said that's really good for such a short period of time :-)

Received a member update email from the Canada Games Centre today.  Less than 30 days til they open for the public!!!  They have received their pool toys, including Hydroriders (see below).  I can't wait.  22 days until I can start using a BRAND NEW facility with a POOL! Yay!

Photos as promised