Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I did a bad, bad, thing (twice)

Pin It Today I did two bad things...sort of...almost. 

As you know if you've been reading my blog this week, I am currently having a sugary-snack-free work week.  Not a great choice of weeks since I am PMSing ;-)  But, it is what it is and I had one full day under my belt and I am not going back. 

Bad thing #1

I ordered lunch for an office meeting today and ordered the delicious chocolate chip cookies from where we order our lunches from.  I wasn't involved with the meeting, but I had high hopes that there might be one leftover after the meeting.  I woke up this morning and remembered....doh, sugary-snack-free work week!!!  Even if there are leftovers, I could not have one!  THEN some of people who were supposed to go to the meeting were not able to attend, meaning more of a chance of leftovers...oh me, oh my.  It's really sad that I spent so much time thinking about these cookies.  By the Grace of God, when I went to clean up after the meeting I found leftover cookies - OATMEAL RAISIN cookies - not what I had ordered for the meeting...AND I hate raisins!!  Yay!  Whew, dodged a bullet on that one.

Bad thing #2

I went grocery shopping hungry.  Starving.  Well, not literally starving, but very, very, very hungry.  I had yogurt and almonds around 4pm, but then went to the gym at 5...got off the bus and hopped in the car and was at the grocery store by 7pm...no supper yet.  I know better than to go grocery shopping.  That's like Dieting 101 for Pete's sake!  So I pretty much stuck to the perimeter of the store which is fine...until you get to the produce section which, as luck would have it, leads directly into the bakery :-(  Getting through the bakery to get to my whole wheat bread was a sad time for me...I saw some red velvet cupcakes, which I'd never seen there before.  I LOVE red velvet...and they were on sale - probably leftover from V-day.  I saw donuts and cookies and pound cake with butter cream icing, oh my.  BUT I resisted.  This is, after all sugary-snack-free week!  I pushed on, finished my shopping and the only non-essentials I bought were salsa, low fat hummus and California rolls (sushi), which were part of my supper.  Note to self, NEVER go grocery shopping that hungry again!  Especially when you don't have your usual sugar levels ;-)

No pics tonight folks.  I have officially made it through day 2 of 5 sugary-snack-free days.

Until tomorrow!



Anonymous said...

It takes a VERY brave woman to do a sugar free snack week right before or during PMS, Aunt Flow, TOM... whatever... I APPLAUD you!! Amazing!! I would have failed at the red velvet cupcakes!! Damn Vday left overs!! ;) You are inspiring!! I may have to try this challenge... one day...

Tanya said...

Hahahaha, not sure what I was thinking...but I'm 40% of the way there...point of no return!

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