Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cha-Cha-Cha Chia

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A while back, a friend of mine posted a link to a recipe for oatmeal and Chia seeds.  I thought it was strange...remember the chia pets?  That's what I kept thinking.  Could I eat a chia pet??  I made the recipe without the chia seeds only because I didn't have any. 

Yesterday I was at the Bulk Barn and decided to give them a try.  Of course I had to come home and Google these mysterious edible/plantable seeds...  According to, they are super good for you:

Chia Seeds Health Benefits Include: (this is just some)

Contain the highest plant source of Omega-3 on the planet!
Chia Seeds contain more Antioxidants than blueberries.
Chia Seeds are a complete protein with all 9 amino-acids.
Chia Seeds are an excellent source of Calcium, Magnesium & Iron.
Chia Seeds are 100% natural and raw.
Chia Seeds are an effective aid to healthy weight loss. The fiber rich chia seeds and slowly metabolized carbs can help to curb the appetite and has been shown to help lose weight when included with a balanced and healthy diet.

It all sounds good to me!  So this morning I made Kath's Whipped Banana Oatmeal - this time WITH the chia seeds.  As always, pictures are below.  I was still a little hesitant to put these in my sacred oatmeal.  What if they're gross?  What if they're slimy?  I had read something else yesterday that said to put a tablespoon in a cup of water and leave it for a bit and the whole thing turns to jelly.  It's supposed to be really good to have before working out as it helps you keep your electrolytes up or something like, here goes nothing!  I'm eating it.  It's good.  The seeds themselves really have no taste.  It kinda bulked up my oatmeal a bit when they expanded, but without adding a strange flavour or texture.  I am hoping that this oatmeal will keep me full until noon today...lately my oatmeal has been failing me in that respect.  I'm just not a morning snacker, so to have to pack a mid morning snack to keep me going til lunchtime really bugs me :-)  If I can find something for the morning meal that will keep me going all morning I will be a very happy girl.

Photos as promised:

Chia seeds tossed on top of oatmeal, milk and water

thinly sliced banana on top

microwave for 90 seconds, whip up the oatmeal mixture
add some vanilla, top with remaining banana and some PB and enjoy


Anonymous said...

Have you sprouted green hair yet. I am not convinced my friend.


Tanya said...

haha, nope, no green hair yet! It was good. And it DID keep me full til lunchtime!! I will bring you some when I come over :-)

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