Monday, February 14, 2011

"I'm single because I was born that way" (Mae West)

Pin It Happy Valentine's day my friends.  I tried to find some witty poem about being single on valentine's day, but I could only find this quote by Mae West, which I thought was cute.  I'm not bitter about being single on V-day - sometimes it's a little bit lonely.  I found this year better than most - I don't think I saw one person get flowers, saw no couples smoochy smoochy, I just got up, went to work and the gym and came home and had a lovely homemade chicken pizza and a mango/raspberry/peanut butter (yes, Peanut Butter!) smoothie that was a very pretty valentine's day pink.

For those of you who have a valentine, I hope you have a wonderful day and that you get lots of flowers and chocolates fruit baskets and are showered with love :-) 

Today I managed to make it through the entire day without any sugary-treats AND I went to the gym!  One day down, 4 more to go!  I was very surprised to not come across candy at work today.  Usually on occasions such as this our office is crawling with chocolates, jelly beans or candies of some sort, but today...nothing!  Thank God...not sure I could have resisted :-)

Tomorrow is another day of no sugary treats...wish me luck!


Ragemichelle said...

Oh my, that looks SO good.

Good luck with the no sugary treats. You can do it!!

~ Darla ~ said...

I must say, that pizza looks amazing. It was just another day here too. There were jelly beans in the office, but luckily I cannot stand jelly beans (yuck). Sending you luck across the net.

Tanya said...

Thanks Ragemichelle and Darla! The pizza was amazing (bbq sauce for the sauce, hormel turkey pepperoni, sauteed veggies and chicken, LF cheddar cheese on top (base was WW tortilla)...almost better than "real" pizza!

Angela Pea said... oldest child texted me this morning, "Another Valentine's day, and I'm single again". I promptly responded, "Yeah. Another Valentine's Day and I'm married. Again". The celebration sort of loses its charm after a quarter century!

It was pretty quiet here, too. Not many sweets made their way into the office kitchen. TODAY, however, there are sure to be leftovers. I'm just going to take the long way around to the front and avoid the kitchen!

Tanya said...

haha, good plan Angela! I take detours a lot in my office :-)