Sunday, April 3, 2011

April showers bring May flowers

Pin It This title really has nothing to do with today's blog post - I just could not think of anything clever for a title.

So April has begun.  I'm not sure what goals I will set for this month.  Last month I missed my fitness goal for by about 80 minutes.  I think for April my aim will be 900 minutes.  I think I will also make a goal to cook a REAL meal at least twice each week.  This week I have already made a pork tenderloin, which will give me leftovers for a few days.  I think I will make a batch of chipotle-oatmeal hamburgers too.  Next week maybe chili and soup.  I really need to do better at bringing my lunch to work.  I was so good for so long and then the past week or so I've fallen off the lunch wagon and have started buying my lunch at work - a truly expensive venture.

Pics from supper tonight (pork tenderloin cooked with sweet potatoes, red onions and red peppers with sauteed garlic mushrooms on the side):


Marilee said...

That looks like a great combo! Yum.