Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I lost my shoe

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I saw a great movie tonight.  I hadn't been to a movie in forever - seriously, they'd renovated the theatre I don't know how long ago and I didn't even recognize the place!  They now have nice "rocking" chairs with high backs and lots of leg room to stretch out...just be careful your shoe doesn't fall off!!!  Mine did.  Picture it - stadium seating and my shoe falls off part way through the movie under the lady's chair in front of me!  At least I hoped that's where it went.  Three was no way for me to look for my shoe without making a scene.  I would have had to rock her chair forward, get down on my hands and knees and feel around down a big BIG step behind her chair to find my shoe...so I sat there in silence.  One cold foot.  Trying to keep that foot off the floor - not because the floor was cold...who KNOWS what's been on those floors!!  So for the rest of the movie I'm sitting there wondering if I will ever find my shoe again.  Will I have to go home with one shoe on, one shoe off?  Should I just toss the other shoe and go in my sock feet home?  After all, there's no point in going home with one shoe...and did I mention it was a heal?  Yeah, that would be cute - there's no WAY I could sneak out of the theatre with one heal on, one off and hope to not draw the attention of those around me!  Why was I obsessed with this shoe with my future husband is on the big screen right before my very eyes (stop snickering...it could happen)??  OK, eventually I relaxed and when the movie ended I tapped the lady in front of me on the shoulder and asked if I could look for my shoe behind/under her chair (after explaining what had happened)...how embarrassing.  BUT it would have been even more so if I hadn't found my missing shoe.  Shoe found folks, so I did not have to go home in bare feet in the middle of a wind/rain storm...phew.

Not the most exciting day, but I thought I would share my drama with you.  Oh, and the movie was a lot longer than I thought, so no gym for me today.  I am going to try to walk tomorrow at lunchtime though, and maybe hit the gym after work.  Gym for sure on Thursday and then Friday again after my physio...as long as he doesn't hurt me too much.


Shondi said...

Glad you found your shoe. Your future husband is kinda cute, if you don't mind my saying...

Chrissy said...

OMG - I died laughing while reading this - it totally happened to me this past summer :P