Saturday, April 23, 2011

Where there's a deal to be had...

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I will find it!  I got two great deals today!  I went to Crappy Tire Canadian Tire today to get their two-pack of Cuisinart insulated travel mugs (regular $19.99 on for $7.99) never actually dreaming I'd get one...  Sure enough, none on the shelf and the sales person I talked to was no help.  I ran into an elderly gentlemen in that aisle who was also looking for them and he told me "you wait here, I'm gonna go shake someone up" and sure enough they had boxes of them out back!  Yay!  Living with only one travel mug is tough ;-)  While waiting for the guy to come back with our mugs, I perused the stuff in that aisle and saw the Rubbermaid Produce Save large container on sale for $6.93 regular $9.99 - I've been considering getting the Tupperware version of this but haven't been able to justify the cost...but for $6.93, I'll take it!  Got the last one.  Got up to the cash and it rang up as $9.99 (reg price)..."Price check, cash 5!"  Sure enough, the tag on the shelf matched my item so yay, I'm getting the sale price...but WAIT!!  Canadian Tire subscribes to the Scanning Code of Practice - if their computers ring up the wrong price you get your item FREE up to a $10 value!!  The girl told me "Oh, I don't think so, you'll just get the sale price" which I asked her to explain to me how the actual Scanning Code of Practice worked then...."Manager on duty to cash 5!"...and I walked out with my free Rubbermaid Produce Saver! :-) 

So I'm off to get ready for my long hike/walk with my little brother (he's not so little...turning 30-ish in a couple weeks).  If we do the entire trail we're headed to, it'll be a 10k walk (round trip).  I hope I can keep up with his long legs!


Marilee said...

Savvy shopping! Have a great time on your hike today.

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