Sunday, April 10, 2011


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Do you ever start making supper with one thing in mind and end up with something totally different?  Tonight's intention was chicken/veggie stir fry with quinoa, but I ended up with chicken pasta primavera (my own version).  Now anybody who knows me well, knows I like my food spicy. I kept taste-testing (teensy bites, I promise) and it tasted blah.  Something was missing.  So I kept adding stuff - some masala seasoning, some chipotle chili powder, some garlic, some red pepper flakes, etc.  Finally!  It had some flavour.  Now, I I know you're thinking "doesn't sound like primavera to me!" I said, it was my own version :-)  So I plated it up and sat down with a big glass of water (16 oz or so)...drank that really quickly and filled up my 32 oz water bottle...that's almost gone now too....Whoooooah Doggy!  It was HOT!  It was good though.  I made enough to have some for supper tomorrow night...although I haven't been able to finish my plate from tonight.  I haven't had pasta in what feels like forever.  I forgot how filling it could be.  Two ounces of whole wheat fettuccine didn't look like much when it cooked up, but my stomach feels differently :-)