Monday, April 11, 2011

Mickey Mouse workout

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I thought that my second physio appointment would be more difficult...I keep expecting him to hurt me!  Tonight he had me do the pulley exercise that I did on Friday (basically holding either end of the pulley, one in each hand and slowly pulling down with my good arm and raising my bad arm up then reversing it...) and then we added the tubing exercise.  That was just tying the tubing up high (say on a door jam) and holding it on my bad side and pulling down slowly and letting my arm go back up.  Do this five times, rest for SIXTY seconds and repeat (4 sets of 5 in total).  This is just SO different from my usual gym workout!! ;-)  I told him it felt like a Mickey Mouse workout!  No gym workout tonight - walked yesterday and did massive house cleaning on Saturday, so I'm taking today off - mainly because of the weather (if I didn't know better, I'd think we were having a hurricane!!!)

Off to get into my jammies and maybe head to bed with a good book.


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