Monday, April 4, 2011

I did Biggest Loser Yoga...

Pin It and lived to tell the tale!  It wasn't so bad.  I think my shoulder might yell at me later, but that's OK.  I did it.  The DVD is a library loaner, but I am considering buying it.  I think I might try to find a good deal on it when  I shopping in the US next month.

Tonight I made pork "fried rice" for supper.  The rice was quinoa (surprise, surprise!) and it was "fried" in my 2 tsp of olive oil :-)  It was SOOOO good.  I think I will use more of my leftover pork and make it again Wednesday night for supper (hoping to go out for supper tomorrow with a friend).

Here are some pics from tonight's supper (prep and post cooking):

some veggies
into the pan with some EVOO and spices
(chipotle chili powder, of course)
Leftover pork tenderloin

Finished product with quinoa added

But it needed something I popped some
corn into the microwave and voila!  Delish!!


Deano said...

wow... looks yummy :)

Tanya said...

you have no idea...I cooked the quinoa with some spices too....yummmmm If you make it with quinoa, you'll never go back to rice again (rice is goopy compared to quinoa)...and quinoa is a whole grain and very good for you...I read an article recently that said quinoa is a super grain - if it were a super hero, it would wear a cape.

Sara said...

Have you ever tried kamut? You have to cook it forever but that would make a nice variation on your dish! It is brown grains that have a slightly nutty texture. I used to cook it with some olive oil and fried onions. MMmmm

Tanya said...

no! I've never tried that...I'm all out of quinoa now - I can feel a trip to the bulk barn in my near future to try a new grain :-)