Saturday, April 9, 2011

It's a new day

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I finally had a loss this week.  I was down 2 pounds at my weigh in this morning, which made me very happy.  Part of me was disappointed I didn't re-lose all of the weight that I'd gained over the past two weeks, but I'm only off by 0.3 pounds, so I guess I'll have to be satisfied :-)  I will officially be overweight in 0.7 pounds!  I aim to reach this goal next Saturday.

I had my first physio appointment last night and was pleased to hear that my physiotherapist does not think that my rotator cuff muscle is torn - he thinks it's just impinged (tendinitis).  He's given me some exercises to do at home, but compared to what I'm used to doing at the gym, it feels very Mickey Mouse - swing a broom stick or golf club back and forth; lean on the counter with my good arm and let my bad arm dangle...that's it, dangle...move it in little circles maybe, but basically dangle like deadwood :-)  On top of my rigorous workout prescription, I have to ice it 10 minutes at a time, three to four times per day (at least an hour apart).  So far, that's it.  Stay tuned...I know the worst is yet to come!

The weather is improving greatly around here so I've been getting out for walks like crazy (two yesterday alone!).  I love the spring weather.  We've adjusted our walking route a bit to avoid one of the main roads around my area - we've had problems with young kids driving by shouting stuff out their car windows at us (not nice things) - the other night they were yelling "bang, bang, bang"...makes me a bit nervous...I feel safer on the pathways than on the main road!  This is sad since I live in a fairly safe neighbourhood :-(

Off to finish my housework (after Biggest Loser is over...DVRd it as usual).  Have a great weekend everyone!


Angela Pea said...

Yeah! The day you go from "obese" to "overweight" will be stellar!! What an accomplishment, Tanya.

It's a shame about the kids in cars. Ugh. My biggest threat walking is dogs and coyotes. They get pretty bold when they're hungry, and with the onging drought, bunnies and other rodets are getting lean and scarce, so the dogs are hunting closer to houses.

Deano said...

Awesome Tanya!

I lost a few points myself this week... but I've been sick since Wednesday. :( So I don't think that really counts for anything ;)

We'll have to go for a walk sometime soon... I'm a bit of a wimp, so it's gotta be over 10 degrees. I've been wanting to check out the new trail from the business park toward the city.

Tanya said...

I'm up for a walk any evening it's nice. I don't have to wait for 10 degrees though ;-) A friend of mine lives over by you and she and I are going to try the BLT trail sometime soon.