Thursday, July 21, 2011

There's an app for that!

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It FINALLY arrived!  I ordered my BB upgrade from work on June 13th...and it finally arrived today!  I am SO excited.  I've been wanting a new pedometer, but nope, wait for the Torch, there's an app for that!  I wanted to get an eReader...but wait, there's an app for that too!  I wanted to try out some kind of e-trainer for when I'm walking (tracking intervals, etc.)...there's an app for that too!!  My iPod seems to be circling the drain, but WAIT - I can sync my new Torch with iTunes!!  (yes, I know that's a phrase coined by Apple, but BBs have apps too!)  So far I have added music to my Torch, added the Kobo app and loaded a few free books (Anne of Green Gables was free!).  I've also added a personal trainer app that tracks steps and (supposedly) pace and total calories burned (not sure how it'll do this part since it doesn't ask you for personal info!)  Tomorrow I am off (yes, finally!!!) and am going to try this particular app on my walk.  Hey, it also has a camera!  My blog will be littered with photos now! (more than usual, I should say).  So far (other than the teeny, tiny keyboard), I love this new BB!  It's all slidey and touchy!  My old one made a great paperweight ;-)

So far this week my eating has been on track, fitness is good (should have 35 activity points by the end of the week if tomorrow's plan goes well).  Water has been great too (but water is never a problem for me).  Tomorrow I plan to make some squash soup (photos to come!) for lunches for next week.  I really have to do better at planning my lunches - that seems to be my weakness... I try to make leftovers to bring, but I don't so much make "recipes" as I just cook what's needed for supper that night. 

Happy Weekend everyone!!


upinthecosmos said...

What's the pedometer app?? I love apps!

Tanya said...

It's actually a free app from BBWorld called Endomondo - it measures mileage not steps though...but the mileage is more accurate!