Friday, July 8, 2011

One day til sentencing...

Pin It Only one day until my sentencing weigh-in following my Canada Day weekend jollies...I've been behaving very well food-wise this week (as per usual), but my exercise left a lot to be desired.  Will end the week with only three good workouts (plus one piddly 30 minute walk) and only about 20 activity points earned, which is sad considering I've been earning 30+.  Must get my act together next week in this area and hopefully yield a good loss next week ('cause we're not expecting much out of tomorrow!!!).

My trainer and I were chatting last night and we got to discussing red meat.  I don't eat a lot of red meat (maybe once a month, if that).  It's not that I don't like it (I do!!), I just always feel that chicken and fish give you more bang for your buck nutrition-wise.  She thinks I should be eating a serving of red meat once a week - if only for the iron aspect.  I have decided that I would like to have steak every weekend :)  Now don't think I've gone all highfalutin on ya... my idea of steak is the stuff on sale for $2.49/pound, not a t-bone steak!  I am thinking, if I can get my new BBQ on the weekend, I might have steak and corn on the cob for supper on Sunday.

Ok folks... off to work now.  Wish me luck for tomorrow morning!  I'll be happy to stay the same, thrilled with a loss of any kind (shocked!) and accepting of a gain...just hope it's not too big!!