Monday, July 11, 2011

Maintain, lose or gain?

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When you go on vacation, do you go with the intention of trying to continue losing? Do you try to maintain? or do you allow yourself a certain amount that you'll put on while you are away?  Originally I thought I would get to goal before my trip, but, alas, it is not to be.  I am OK with that.  I have been so looking forward to this trip and part of what I am looking forward to is the food.  England has the most amazing Thai and Indian food I have ever eaten (and I've been to Thailand!).  I also love the fish and chips over there!  I know when we are home we will eat fairly healthy as my friend is into healthy foods at home, which is awesome.  She ("Anonymous Ann" to you all) is going to introduce me to steaming veggies and I'm going to get her hooked on roasting veggies (and using blogger so that she's no longer anonymous!).  I also know that I will be doing lots of walking while I'm away.  Anonymous Ann also has a treadmill (for rainy days) and a bike with a GPS thingy for me to ride, and they have developed/built (what do you call it?) a walking (biking?) trail in her neighbourhood (not just for me- I think they put it in for all the folks to use! ;-) 

So after talking that all out, I'm not really concerned.  I realize that I will eat stuff that I would not normally eat at home, but I think if I try to stick to my 10/10 rule and eat healthy 2 out of 3 meals most days, I should be able to successfully maintain.  I am happy with maintaining.  It's funny - when I went to SE Asia last summer I thought I'd allow myself about 5 pounds to gain...I lost 6.8 pounds while I was gone!  Who knows what'll happen on this trip :)  I know that I don't want to let food ruin my trip -whether it's by obsessing over staying "on program" or by completely derailing my eating plan.  I will find a happy medium I think.

What do you do when you travel?  Plan to gain? Stay the same? lose?

Stay tuned for my upcoming post on "What's wrong with me?" as referenced in last night's post.  I'm about 90% sure I'll post it if you'll promise to be gentle with me :)


upinthecosmos said...

It's hard when you vacation cause you don't want to miss out on things or leave behind things that you know you love. Especially since it's not something you have a chance to be around a lot. I usually maintain, sometimes gain... I try not to limit too much but I do watch what I eat to some degree. Have a great time, it sounds like you have a plan so things will be great:-)