Thursday, July 14, 2011

Holy Cow!

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Tonight I had the steak that I bought for my "red meat fix" a couple of weeks ago at my trainer's suggestion (she didn't suggest steak necessarily, just that I add a bit of red meat to my diet every once in a while).  Unfortunately I ended up with a dead BBQ, so into the freezer my steak went.  As you may recall, I did buy a new BBQ this past weekend (got to step 10 of 19 in the putting together phases before I gave up).  My brother and the kids are coming over on Saturday and he's going to help me finish putting it together.  I was going to wait for the BBQ to be finished to have my steak, but today being the day today was, that didn't happen.  I had planned out my supper - I was going to have a couple scrambled eggs and one of my Costco sausages...they were mouldy!!!  Grrrrr  I had chicken at lunch for lunch so did not want to have chicken again for supper.  I had fish last night.  I thought about having some beans, but nope, no beans in the house.  I had shrimp...but shrimp and eggs...ewww  So I cooked up the steak on the stove with some peppers, onions and mushrooms.  It was good...would have been better on the BBQ, but still good.

So here is my fear now.  I think I've been avoiding red meat because in my mind, red meat is "heavy" and I feel like it will stick around in my body and not digest as fast as chicken or fish.  I have absolutely no science or expert opinions to back this up, it's purely my feelings.  Anyone have any thoughts on this?  Anyone have any FACTS on this??  ;-)

Well, I'm off to do my physio routine and then I'm going to bed...turns out I have to work tomorrow :(