Saturday, July 16, 2011

I think I'll walk to Boston

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Not literally of course!  One shorter walk at a time is the plan.  The distance as the crow flies from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Boston, Massachusetts  is 655 kms or 507 miles.  If I continue walking the route I walked last night (or similar) it will take me about 92 walks to get to Boston.  Roughly three months if I walked every day.  I don't plan on walking every single day, but I think I could get this done by the new year...what do you think?  This means I would walk just over 27 kms each week.  I have no idea if I'll complete this venture, but I'm willing to give it a try!  I love the cities of Boston and New York...but Boston is closer :)

Anyone want to join me?  You don't have to take the same route as me, but it might be fun to plan a "long-distance" walk!


debkhershberger said...

I love that idea!!! HMMM where do I wanna go. Id love to go to Hawaii, but that would require some swimming!! :) Instead Ill go to Venice Florida! Thanks for the great idea!!

Thrice Blessed said...

LOL! I started a walk from Washington to California on July 7! Its great!

Tanya said...