Sunday, July 31, 2011

Oh boy

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I am beginning a second week (starting today) of no sugary-treats.  After not having them last week for 5 days, I went a little nuts yesterday.  Food-wise it was not a great day.  In every other aspect, it was a great day!  Started out rainy and ended with a beautiful sunset over the water at my friends' place in Seabright.  I don't regret yesterday, but I do wish I'd made a couple better choices.  This week my plan is, again, no sugary treats (with one exception today - I want to make another Tim Hortons Ice Cap and put a bit of 95% fat free cool whip on it...just a bit) and I am also aiming to NOT use my 49 points - only doing this because of yesterday and I really don't know how far over I went...  If I am still hungry, I will have to get out and earn more activity points - this frightens me a tad as I've never used activity points before!!

Onward and upward!  Counting today, I have two more days of vacation left.  I made one pot of soup this weekend and plan to make another "soup-ish" meal today or tomorrow.  I am thinking maybe chili as lean ground beef was on sale at the grocery store.  I think I'm going to go buy the cans of low sodium beans and such so that it's not too high in sodium and then I'll pump up the flavours with spices.  I wish I had some Epicure garlic in the house!  Hopefully soon :)


Miss April said...

Way to go on sticking to your plan. Here's to another great week with no sugary treats - that is awesome!

debkhershberger said...

No sugar treats. I thot of doing that, but Im so afraid of failure!! Maybe Ill start with a day! You have so many great ideas!! Second one Im 'stealing' from you!. Have a great week!

Tanya said...

Thanks Miss April! Debkhershberger - not stealing, just borrowing :) Good luck!! And thanks for stopping by!!