Saturday, July 16, 2011

My brother to the rescue...and going Greek

Pin It Operation Put-BBQ-Together is officially complete.  I must say it was a successful, although very drawn out, mission.  I began the mission, as you may recall, last Sunday afternoon and promptly gave up.  This morning my little brother kindly came to my rescue and completed the mission.  We christened the new BBQ with Costco Chicken/Turkey sausages (spinach & feta) and Butterball turkey hot dogs...lunch of champions!

Tonight I tried a new concoction.  The idea came from Hungry Girl's email newsletter. She suggested using fat free Greek yogurt and sweetening it with drink crystals (like Crystal Light) - about half of a single serving packet to one cup of yogurt.  Mix together and enjoy.  I added a sliced banana to mine tonight and it was awesome!  I used Chrystal Light Raspberry Peach drink crystals.  I think I will try a lemonade one and add raspberries...I'm a sucker for lemon and raspberries mixed together :)