Friday, July 22, 2011

Oh happy day!

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So far I am loving today.  It is so nice to have the day off - I didn't even mind when my troll neighbours woke me before 7am!  I was out the door for my walk by 9:15 and walked about 6.5kms in total.  Used my new fitness trainer app, which worked great (it even mapped the walk for me...once I got it figured out!).  According to the app, I burned over 400 calories!  Boy is it hot out there though.  I rewarded myself with a Tim Hortons coffee on the way home.  I've got two loads of laundry in and am going to do some grocery shopping and a bit of cleaning this afternoon and then I'm meeting a friend for dinner and a movie - we haven't seen each other since March!!  I'm excited.  Going to see Brides Maids...not sure I'll enjoy the movie, but I will certainly enjoy the company of my dear friend.  Well, I should get to my cleaning before the day escapes me.  Hope everyone is having a fab Friday!!


Michele said...

Excellent walking and great way to reward yourself wit only a cup of coffee at TH, not anything else they sell. I heard that movie was fabulous. Complicated personalities, too.

Tanya said...

Haha, I had no choice in the matter...I'd not had my coffee for the day, so my headache (withdrawl!) was setting in and I'd only brought $2 with me...choice made! ;-) The movie was good - language a bit rough, but I liked the movie overall.