Monday, July 18, 2011

I hate my elbows

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Does anyone have any elbow toning exercises to share with me?  I have body issues like probably 95% of the world, but today I noticed a NEW issue that I'd never seen before.  We have mirrored elevators at work and today (for some odd reason) I noticed my elbows in the mirror.  Oh my nerves!  When I hold my arms at a 90 degree angle they're OK, but hanging down from behind they look like a deflating elephant leg! *sigh*  How does one tone their elbows????  I thought the upper arms were bad we go.


downsizers said...

Skin that has been stretched out must be removed surgically. I don't think it can be toned. You can build muscle to take up some of the extra room but with the fat gone, the skin hangs. It's kind of like a rubber band that is stretched too far and doesn't regain it's "tone".

Anonymous said...

Stop picking on yourself you crazy girl. The only thing I suffer from on my elbows is dry skin which I forget to lotion from time to time! Trust me, no one is perfect well except me ofcourse ha,ha - Ann