Sunday, July 10, 2011

I am woman, hear me roar...

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I have a more in-depth blog post written on this topic, but I'm not sure if I will publish it or not.  It is kind of a personal post and I'm not sure if I'm ready to bare everything to y'all... we'll see.

I've hear recently that some think I am too independent and that may turn guys away...  I guess today was an example of me showing my independence.  I installed my air conditioner, went to Home Depot and bought some weatherstripping stuff to close off the gaps (gotta keep the rain and flies out!), installed that.  Went to Wal-Mart and bought my new BBQ (reg $129 on sale for $78!!), carried it into my apartment and started putting it together.  I've officially given up on the BBQ.  I wish I'd been able to complete it myself...not because I'm that independent, but because I hate bothering people by asking them to help with these things.  I'm afraid I'm going to have  to ask for help...I'm on step 10 of 19 steps and it took me 2 hours to get that far...up next is the gas part, which scares me a bit... time to call in reinforcements.  As for the air conditioner and it's make-shift weatherstripping...Tuesday will tell the tale on that one - supposed to rain (shocking, I know!)

I can't get this silly pic to rotate...
no wonder I can't put the BBQ together!


Marilee said...

Really hate stuff you have to assemble. Takes me forever!

Anonymous said...

Whoa! Back the truck up! Why does assembling your own grill and installing the AC make you undesirable? That's nonsense!

I've been married (for a very long time!) to an extremely capable man and we're raising a whole slew of teenagers at the moment. Husband doesn't always have time (or energy) to take care of things and I want them I do it myself. I'm reasonably intelligent, know how to read and can follow instructions. I'm teaching my daughters (and sons) to be the same way - self sustaining! Capable! Amazingly wonderful!

As for anyone who would think any less of you because you stuck the AC in the window and sealed it in properly - well phooey on them!

Oh, and the gas grill? They are a pain to assemble, and yes, it does take a while. Go back to it with fresh eyes today, and I'm sure you'll get it hooked up in no time. By Yourself!

Tanya said...

Haha, down girl!! lol This was a comment from someone who was surprised that I was "looking" for a man - she thought I was content to stay single - her impression of me was that I was a very independent woman and that I put the vibe out there that I don't need a man...which I don't... I guess to explain it better I may have to post that blog entry I wrote... watch for'll make more sense! I've decided though that I don't WANT to continue putting this BBQ together - if I keep at it, I'm gonna throw it OFF my might end up being a planter in my living room ;-)

Amber said...

BBQ's are a paint to put together. We got a new one last year and it took two to get it all figured out.

Before I was married, many people mistakened my independence with me not wanting to let a guy into my life. It wasn't the case at all. I just liked getting the job done, and the problems weren't going to fix themselves!

Way to go girl!

Tanya said...

That's exactly what I was trying to say Amber! :) Thanks!