Friday, July 15, 2011

Pre-weigh in tips

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This is purely for fun...mostly...well, a lot of it... ok, here goes, a list of things to do before you weigh in to ensure the best results:
  1. Pee
  2. Wear your lightest clothing - as little as possible, while still maintaining some decency (if you weigh in at a public location...if you're in private, strip it all off!)
  3. Shave your legs (yes, men can do this too)
  4. Shave your underarms
  5. Remove all jewellery - that ring can be HEAVY!
  6. Pluck your eyebrows
  7. Pee again
  8. DO NOT EAT (I weigh in in the morning - I recommend eating something if you weigh in later in the day)
  9. Remove your contact lenses
  10. If you wear glasses, remove them - don't worry if you can't see, someone will tell you what the scale says
  11. Pee again
  12. Get a hair cut
  13. Avoid foods high in sodium for about 2-3 days (or longer if you are prone to retaining!) before weigh in day
  14. Remove your shoes
  15. Give blood
  16. Wear your lightest undergarments (none if you're a brave soul!)
  17. Exfoliate (dead skin does not count as weight - get rid of it!)
  18. Cut finger/toenails
  19. Go #2 if you can
  20. Pee again
  21. And finally...pray!
Do you have any pre-weigh in rituals to add to this list?  Feel free to add to my list whether you have real weigh in rituals or fun things to add :)

Happy Friday!!!!  Tomorrow is my weigh in day so the salt shaker is in the cupboard where it belongs and I'm off to shave/wax/pluck as much as I can.


faithfulgyrl said...

Great ideas here. I do a lot of them actually :) lol

kthom said...

I always weigh myself first thing in the morning, after peeing, and not wearing a stitch. I put my hair up sometimes too. I'm sure that one doesn't help, but it makes me feel better...haha. And you look GREAT, Tanya!! Keep it up!

Tanya said...

Thanks Kelly!! I will have to try putting my hair up...although I'm not sure I want the weight of an elastic or a clip on the scale :)

Anonymous said...

You forget to say to make sure you don't wear any makeup (as it can be heavy), no jewellery, no false eyelashes/nails/hair extensions and finally take out any false teeth. You make me laugh. Crazy girl..... Ann

Tanya said...

Ahh, I forgot about the false teeth!! And any other false body parts you may have :)