Sunday, October 30, 2011

A (somewhat) nice winter’s night meal

Pin It Today I made my Cider Baked Beans, yeast free brown bread and turkey dogs (well, I cooked the turkey dogs – Oscar Mayer made them :)

IMG_1593The baked beans were very good (and when I plugged them into the WW eTools, they worked out to 7 points)!  There were 2 cups of turnip and 2 large carrots in the recipe and you’d never even know it!  Each serving of beans contains a full serving of veggies!  I think next time I might cut up an apple or two and throw it into the mix.
While the beans were cooking I got the bright idea to make bread…only I had IMG_1591no yeast…and only had about an hour til suppertime :)  I found a recipe for yeastless bread that only took about 5 minutes to mix up and 50 minutes to bake… Yeah…5 minute bread…not a great idea :(  It’s very dense….and tastes a lot like flour.  At least my beans and weenies were good!!

I also made PC Blue Menu Dark Chocolate Bran muffins…may try one later on this evening.  I’ll keep you posted. UPDATE:  These were just OK.  Disappointing for a Blue Menu product - a bit dry if you ask me.  Likely won't buy/make again - they were 4 points+ for a regular size muffin.

My nieces ate the last of my chicken noodle soups from my freezer today when they came for lunch, so I threw another batch in the Crockpot – added some turnip this time (leftover from the bean recipe)…hopefully the Crockpot method works as well as the stovetop method did.


Shondi said...

I can't honestly say that it looks good (ew, beans), but I'm glad you enjoyed them!

Renee said...

mmm beans and weiners...
how do you make your chicken noodle soup?
i'm interested in your recipe.


Tanya said...

Hey Renee - the recipe is here:


Renee said...