Saturday, October 22, 2011

Another week, another plan!!

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Last week’s plan went fairly well.  I am going to try being super planned again this week.  I have drafted (draft being the operative word) a menu plan for the week (click the menu to make it bigger): 
Now don’t worry about those days that show low points – believe me, I will eat my minimum, but I just wrote down all I could plan out in one sitting.  I know that, like this past week, the menu will get mixed up – but at least I have a plan!  Hoping that the fitness part will work out somewhat close to plan, but I injured my elbow at the gym yesterday, so I might have to pull back a bit on some of the classes :)
My goal for this past week was to lose 3.6 pounds.  I did not lose that much, but am pleased to report that I did lose 2.7 pounds!! That is a HUGE loss for me :)  This week I would like to lose 1.8 pounds so that will take me back to where I was before I went to the UK.
Well I’m off to have some lunch (tilapia and salad as per the above menu!) and then to the grocery store to buy stuff for my four new recipes for the week.  Surprisingly, I don’t have to buy a whole lot – lots of the stuff I already have in the house :)  Stay tuned for recipes reviews as the week goes on.