Monday, October 10, 2011


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I was talking with a friend about this a while back.  I started a new WW weigh in book (they each hold 16 weeks) and at the time I was 12.4 pounds from my doctor's goal weight.  I thought that realistically, I should be able to get to my goal by Christmas Eve (of this year!)  Since the start of this new book on August 6th I have lost a grand total of 0.3 pounds.  Yes folks, I am 12.1 pounds away from goal after 2 months.  Yes, I realize I had a 3-week vacation in there and I wouldn't change that trip for anything.  It just seems that every time I set a goal for myself, subconsciously I do something to hold myself back.  It's almost like part of me is afraid of reaching my goal.  Is this normal?  I do have some fear of getting there that I am aware of...but I don't know why this is.  Why would I be afraid of success?  Getting to goal should be a positive experience, no?  Satisfaction of getting there, no weekly WW fees (after 6 weeks of maintenance), etc.  Part of me I think thinks that losing the weight will solve all of my problems in life...  what if I lose weight and those issues don't go away?  THEN what?

Has anyone else had trouble like this when they have gotten close to goal?