Saturday, October 22, 2011

Thai Coconut Curry Shrimp

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Made this recipe tonight for supper and YUMMY!!  You can find the recipe online at the Skinny Taste website.  I served it over black quinoa (which I think I undercooked a bit…first time making this variety and I think it needed to be cooked longer than the white and red varieties…still tasted good though).  On the side I had roasted peppers and mushrooms.  All in all it was a great meal!  I’d give this recipe a 5/5 for taste AND ease of prep.  In total it took less than 10 minutes.  Oh, by the way – it called for scallions and I bought shallots…for those of you in Canada, scallions are green onions, not shallots!  It’s ok though…alls well that ends well :)

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Kim said...

YUM! I am so making this. I printed the recipe out and am adding this to my shopping list. Thanks! I'd never heard of that website. I cruised around and there's a lot of interesting sounding stuff there. I'm so bored of eating the same old stuff lately.

Tanya said...

I can totally relate Kim! Had my second helping of it last night with roasted potatoes...after the shrimp was gone, I dipped my roasted potatoes in the leftover sauce :) Soooo good!