Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Do you ever find yourself having one of "those" days...

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where you nearly lose your "filter" and really just don't care?  I found myself nearly telling the girl sitting next to me on the bus tonight that she smelled like a hamster.  That's not like me.  I have thought those things before (not the hamster part, but you know what I mean), but normally I don't have to remind myself not to say these things out loud.  I know, I'm a bad person.  I've been having one of those days...and it's been going on for a week.

A good friend pointed out to me recently that I don't always talk about the difficult things in life on here and I've realized she's right.  Sometimes I hold back on posting things because I don't think it's stuff people will want to read.  I've decided to reduce the filter I place on my blog (don't worry, none of you smells like a hamster!). I am admitting that returning from vacation has been difficult.  I am having a hard time adjusting back to non-vacation life - I have not gotten back into the exercise routine, I'm frustrated by a lot of things not weight-loss related and I feel like I need another break already!!  That's it for now... more blog posting later maybe.

I'm off to find my verbal filter and make some supper.


Leslie said...

Hey Stranger!

I know exactly what you mean about those days, I had them a LOT in Toronto! The best thing to remember is that it's not you, it's just the day you're having, and that tomorrow is a new day, with nothing bad in it!

As for the weight, never ever look at the past day or week, or the last bad section. Look at how far you've come! At every second of your life you have a choice to make, you can do good or do bad .... it's too easy to let the past affect the future (well it's been a miserable day, so I might as well have that ice cream) but you know you have it in you to switch it back!! Start right now and make your choice, do something that makes you feel good!

AND we need those bad days! It makes us appreciate the good ones all that much more! :-)

Tanya said...

Hey lady! Nice to hear from you (assuming you are the Leslie I think you are...still skating??). I have been making good food choices - there really is no excuse not to (not that my non-exercising excuses hold any water, but they are easier to justify to myself). I actually enjoy healthy food and feel better when I eat healthy. The exercise, however... I still don't get that "good feeling" from it after all this time - I think that's why it's been hard to get back into it.

Hope married life is treating you well!!! Miss you here at the firm :)