Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Tortoise & the Hare

Pin It A guy at WW this morning was lamenting over the fact that he’d only lost 19.6 pounds since he joined WW…on August 31!  He’s averaging more than 2 pounds per week!!!!  My current average, after 25 months on the program, is 1.1 pounds per week… I guess I’m taking the tortoise route :)  Lost another pound today, bringing me only 0.8 pounds from my pre-UK weight and about 9.5 pounds from Doctor Val’s goal.  Maybe by Christmas!!

Decided on a whack of recipes to make this week – I might have been overzealous in planning…spent over $100 on groceries today!!!  Keep in mind, I live alone!  The difference this week though is that I’ve made a snack recipe and a breakfast recipe and my main meal recipes serve 6-8 where last week’s primarily made 4 servings….sooooo, I’ll have lots to add to my freezer stash :)

Today I made three recipes:
IMG_1583 Low Fat Tuna Noodle casserole
This was delicious.  A tiny bit time consuming, but not too bad.  It makes a 9x13 pan and yields 6 generous servings.  The original recipe called for egg noodles, but I used whole wheat egg noodles, which reduced the Points+ to 7 (from 8).  This is definitely one for my favourites list.  I think I might even try it again with chicken instead of tuna.  This is a 9.5/10.

IMG_1580 Low fat chewy fruit & oatmeal bars
As I was adding the craisins to this recipe at the end, it occurred to me that I don’t care for cooked craisins…hmm, into the oven they went anyhow!  The recipe did not specify the number of servings, so I guessed at 24.  They worked out to 3 points+ each if you cut them into 24 squares.  I started to cut them when they were still warm, which I think was a mistake – they started to crumble… the end result though… YUM!  I DO like cooked craisins!  Still won’t see me eating a RAISIN though :)  these are a 9/10…super easy, tasty and quick to make.

IMG_1586 Broccoli and Cheese Mini Omelettes
The original recipe made 9, but I’ve used my mega big muffin tins and made 6.  It doubled the points from 2 to 4, but they are quite large.  The recipe is super easy to make and requires very little time.  You could easily whip these up in the morning and throw them in the oven while you shower.  I ate one of these tonight.  It IMG_1587was a bit bland.  I think when I eat the next one I will season it a bit with salt.  Next time I make them I think I’ll toss in some hot sauce and maybe some sautéed onions.  For now I’ll give this recipe a 7/10 just because of the  blandness.