Saturday, October 15, 2011

I've got a plan

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I actually have many plans for this week.  I was sad to see another gain on the scale this week.  I know I have not been working out like I should have, but my food has been bang on.  This week WILL be better.

Plan 1

I went to the grocery store this afternoon and bought the ingredients to make four new recipes:

Curried Cauliflower Soup
Chicken and Chili
Turkey Burgers
Sweet Potato Pancakes

Plan 2

I reviewed the fitness class schedule at the gym today and have decided to try something fitness!  I've only tried group fitness (other than water aerobics) twice in my life...loved one of them, hated the other...  This week I am going to try Step Class on Monday and Kickboxing on Wednesday.  I plan to do weights on Sunday, Tuesday (if I have time after going to see The Help) and Thursday.  I will plan to (as of right now) leave Friday open - if I get in all of the other planned days, I will take Friday off and if one of the other days falls through, I will either go to the gym or do water aerobics.

Plan 3

Reduce sugar intake.  I have purchased Stevia to try as a sugar substitute and am going to try to stay away from aspartame as much as possible.  I really only use sweetener on my oatmeal in the morning.  I've been having (and counting the points for) sweets daily since I got back.  I am going to try every other day this coming week.

I'm just putting it out there, but I am aiming for a loss of 3.6 pounds this week.  I know that's HUGE for me for one week, but given the crappy weigh ins I've had in the past month, if I really work my butt off...I should be able to...well, work my butt off - literally!  I'm looking for a quasi-Biggest Loser week...well, my version, given that I work full-time ;-) 

Here we go!!