Thursday, November 3, 2011

Overcoming fears

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I'm not quite sure why I've been afraid for so many years to try group fitness classes.  I've always claimed to be so uncoordinated that I can't walk and chew gum at the same time.  Turns out I'm not all that bad.  I've done three weeks in a row of step aerobics and this week I also got my super power on (class called Super Power :)  It was an aerobic-strength class using body bar, hand weights, step, mat and your own body weight.  I spoke with the instructor and told her about my shoulder injury and she gave me suggestions right up front on what to do and what to modify/avoid.  As it ended up, I really didn't have to modify anything! 

Week one of step I liked it, week two I didn't love it so much, but this week I was back to liking it again.  The second week the instructor asked if it was anyone's "first time" and nobody raised their hands...this week she asked if anyone was "new" and I told her I wasn't brand new, but was still learning - I think this helped for sure!  I think a couple more classes and I'll have all the moves figured out :)  Going to try another step class tomorrow morning (day off, yay!) - not sure if it's the same instructor or not, but I'm pushing my fears aside and going for it!  I was sooo tempted to try Zumba tonight, but was late getting off work so I really didn't have enough time...another time (maybe next week).  If I can convince myself to get to Zumba and I end up liking it, then I'll have classes I can attend on Sunday (Deep Water), Monday (Step), Tuesday (Super Power) and Thursday (Zumba) - three of those 4 classes are high impact and earn me MEGA activity points (11 points for a class)...fingers crossed that I can figure out Zumba :)  Welcome to a brand new me!  I even found myself wondering this week if I could find a "for fun" sport to join...hmm, where did this version of me come from???

Not sure how the scales will behave this week.  Earned tons of activity points, but my appetite has been insatiable!  I'm figuring it's partly PMS and partly due to increased activity.  Retaining water right now, so we'll see what happens on Saturday :)