Saturday, November 5, 2011

Could I have imagined this two years ago?

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One of my favorite cousins pointed something out to me today that put things in perspective and really made me stop and think.  If you have been reading my blog for any length of time, you may recall that I've been struggling with my weight losses recently - I go down a couple and up a couple.  I am now 10.5 pounds away from my doctor's goal weight.  I've been so frustrated by this recently and it has really been getting to me.  My cousin asked me something today... she said "2 years ago could you possibly have imagines being frustrated about only having 10.5 lbs to lose?"  Good point P!  Quite frankly, two years ago I could not even BEGIN to imagine getting even remotely close to my goal weight...yet, here I am - 10.5 pounds away.  Wow.  It's funny to think back and then to look at where I am now and realize the contrast in my thinking :)  

Yes, I am up another week (0.6), BUT I am still down 114.5 pounds in total.  That is something to be proud of.  I started out at a size 24/26 and now am into a 12 (and some of those are a bit loose).  The most frustrating part of this week (and most weeks when I gain) is that I did everything RIGHT...ate right, stayed within my points and worked out.  This week I did THREE fitness classes (that pretty much doubles the number of total lifetime fitness classes I've done!) plus I worked out on my own a few times on top of that.  Someone did point out at WW this morning that when you switch exercises your muscles retain fluid for the first bit...I'm not sure about this theory, but for now, I'm going to believe that that's what the issue is this week.  I did two step classes and finally made it to Super Power class on Tuesday night (weight-based aerobics class)...maybe that's it.  I'll do step and Super Power again this week and...maybe...ZUMBA.  Maybe.  They keep telling me that Zumba is easier than step...I dunno...maybe :)

Thanks for the support everyone - don't give up on me...I'm not giving up!!


Kavita said...

I'm glad that you've come to this realization. I was very pleased when I read the comments on really does help to put things in perspective doesn't it :) You've done an amazing job thus far and the next 10 lbs will come as well but don't forget to enjoy the 'now' moment and appreciate all that you have accomplished :)
On another note....I can't wait to hear about when you decide to try Zumba. It's the bestest, funnest workout I've ever done (and I hate working out!)
Keep up the great work!

debkhershberger said...

Thats an awesome way to put your journey into perspective!!!
TRY Zumba!! and make sure you go back several times. The first time, I stumbled and laughed and thot Id never go back. BUT, Im so glad I did!! I dont have rhythm, but I can Zumba!

Tanya said...

Thanks! I might just give it a try :)

Michele said...

Those pictures tell an amazing story of your progress. To be only 10 pounds away is a real achievement. I think sometimes that fight, going up and down on the scale, prepares us for the real victory of maintaining once we get to our goal. Have a great week! Michele

Tanya said...

Thanks Michelle :)