Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hungarian Beef Goulash

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It's done!  I have to give this recipe a 10/10.  Super easy (don't bother doing all the prep stuff on the stove ahead of time - just toss it in the crockpot, meat first) and very, very tasty and only 4 points+ per serving!  I was going to have it over rice or noodles, but I had a hankering for roasted potatoes so I had my goulash in a bowl :)  I've never had this kind of goulash before.  I've always fried up hamburger, tossed in tomatoes,  spices and cheese and called it goulash in the past...this is totally different and totally yummy.  Click here to see the recipe.

WARNING:  Your home will smell incredible and neighbours might come calling....turn out the lights and hide behind the sofa - you'll want this all to yourself! ;-)