Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What to do when the power goes out

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photo from: kabachok.blogspot.com
Hopefully I will get this typed and posted before the power goes out again (I think that'll make 4 times).  We are having a wicked thunder and lightening storm right now.  We don't get too many around here, but the weather network is warning that "tornadoes are always possible".  I've NEVER seen a tornado - nor do I want to.  I have supper cooking and need 10 more minutes before it's all done, so I'm praying the power lasts that long, but I'm not too hopeful with the sound of this storm!

So it's 7pm on a Tuesday night - my plan for tonight was to clean and do laundry.  Clearly these will not happen if the power goes out, nor will I be able to catch up on my DVR recordings.  I can play computer til the batter runs out, but this thing is so old that I'll only get about 30 minutes before that happens.  I just finished my last library book last night, so haven't got much to read.  So what to do during a power outage becomes the question.  Here are some thoughts:

Do my physio exercises (I need to be more consistent)
Work on developing my playground workout plan
Write a letter (yes, by hand!)
Play games on my BB til it dies
Clean until it's too dark to do - that'll be soon...it's pretty dark with this storm!

So what do you do when the power goes out?


DLandHFX said...

I plan to watch the storm for a bit and maybe read on the kindle once the power goes out ;) No outage yet.

Tanya said...

Yeah, it'd be nice at times like this to have a Kindle ;-) Hope you don't have to scrape Stupid Kid off your grass after the storm ;-)

Anonymous said...

I always have a book around that I have not got around to reading or a magazine. Then it is an early night's sleep! Ann

Tanya said...

Yeah, I should have had a book. I guess I'll be all set if the power goes out when I visit you :) Thankfully it did not go out again...I did go to bed early, but the storm kept me awake for quite a while. Oh well, new storm tonight - I think I'll head to the library before coming home tonight!