Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sprout it out

Pin It Not a very clever title, I know.  So today was my day to give Brussels sprouts a chance.  I cooked two pieces of bacon until crispy and then set it aside.  In about 1 tsp (a bit less likely) of the bacon fat, I tossed the Brussels sprouts (which I'd cut in half lengthwise) and also added 2 Tbsp maple syrup and then roasted in the oven for about 30 minutes.  Here are some pictures:

The end result.  Supper tonight was a melange of cruciferous vegetables and a BBQd chicken breast.  Veggies were broccoli, Brussels sprouts and turnip (the white stuff at the top that looks like potatoes).  I have to admit that I did like the Brussels sprouts!  Not a 10/10, but certainly worthy of an 8.5/10.  I will try them again - a co-worker of mine has another recipe he sent me to try that's a bit more involved - I think I'll try that one next when I have more time.

Any suggestions on a vegetable to try next week?

I also tried a snack idea suggested by my WW leader this morning.  Mix one package of WW smoothie mix with one WW pretzel mini bar and one cup of milk, blend in the Magic Bullet (my idea) and then freeze (her idea).  Total points+ value was 6 points, BUT it counts as TWO servings of dairy (which are worth 4 points+).  It was quite yummy. Here are some pics of the treat:


Shondi said...

Try kohlrabi - I love it raw!

Shondi said...

I guess 8.5/10 is pretty good for a veggie that you didn't think you liked!

Tanya said...

what is kohlrabi??? Where do I find it? is it a dipping veggie? Yes, 8.5 is a good rating - much better than the beets :) Thanks for the recipe idea!

PS - I edited this post with a second recipe from WW - not sure if you saw that or not as I was editing it when you commented :)