Monday, August 22, 2011

Meatless Monday

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As promised, I am giving Meatless Monday a try.  I figured today was a good day to try it since I am off and have more time to think of meatless meals and prep for same.  So far I have had a meatless breakfast (um...I do every day!) of oatmeal, low fat peanut butter, half a banana, a small donut peach and a small handful of raspberries (and don't forget the new favorite flavour is maple cinnamon!!).  For lunch I will make an omelette with cheese (reminder: this is MEATless Monday NOT Vegan Monday, so eggs and cheese are OK) and a couple slices of Ezekial bread.  Supper that is planned for tonight is Slow Cooker Red Beans and Barley (mine has black beans 'cause that's what was in my cupboard) which is a recipe I found on the Weight Watchers site.  A serving of this is about 1 1/3 cups, so should be very filling.  I will have green beans on the side and maybe some sauteed mushrooms and peppers.  So that's it!  One day of meatless meals all planned out.  No mention of my snacks here, but rarely do I chow down on a steak or a chicken leg for my snacks - my meat primarily makes an appearance at lunch (sandwich meat or salad topping) or dinner time. 

I know I said I would make something with TVP, but when trying to find a recipe for it I came across so many negative comments/posts that I could not bring myself to make anything with it.  I chickened (no pun intended) out :(  I think the biggest thing for me is I don't want to waste all the nice produce I have in my fridge on a recipe I'll end up throwing away!  So I think I might gradually introduce TVP into a recipe...maybe 2/3 ground beef + 1/3 TVP in my next "beefy" recipe.

Stay tuned for photos and taste reviews of tonight's meatless supper...I dunno, but I think this new recipe might need some chicken... ;-)