Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step...

Pin It A friend of mine mentioned to me today that my weight loss journey has been like a 112 kilometer walk.  I am going to quote directly from her analogy as I could not put it into better words myself:
"you've seen lots along the way...peaks...valleys...maybe some if you decide to stop here or even rest here for a bit before you pick up and carry on...or even if you like the view from here and decide to stay... the incredible distance you have come HAS to be a goal in itself. You haven't failed in any way....not society...not yourself. Your determination has been a goal and you've more then achieved it....don't attach that to a's unmeasurable :-)" 

I loved this analogy! What she said was so true and made me put things into perspective.  If you're on a journey around the world and you stop to see the sites along the way, have you failed?  No!  I told her I was going to share this with you and really there is nothing else I can add to her words of wisdom.  Thanks Treena :)