Thursday, August 11, 2011

Perhaps this would be better with chocolate

Pin It I was reading Shauna's blog today over at The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl (if you haven't read her book, you should - it's fantastic!).  Shauna mentioned that her brain had sector reserved for thoughts such as "perhaps this would be better with chocolate."    I loved this!  It also got me thinking.  This week I am "back on sweets" if you will, after two weeks of no sugary treats (on weekdays), but the funny thing is that I haven't craved sweets nearly as much as I did in the past.  Perhaps I've broken the vicious cycle of eat sugar, want sugar.  I hope this continues :)

I've just completed my second strength training workout for the week, as per my promise to Kellie.  My arms are SO sore...but a GOOD sore, not sore like when my shoulder acts up.  No more strength training til next week!!

Supper tonight is a veggie and salmon stir-fry with VH Sweet Chili Thai sauce...yummmmm and no, I don't think this would be better with chocolate...although there are so many things in this world that would be!!