Saturday, August 13, 2011

Going in reverse

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Gained again this week.  Another .3 pounds for a total gain of 2.1 pounds in two weeks with no logical explanation.  I am going to look at some options for the upcoming week and will blog about them later once I've sorted everything out.  Something has to be done - there's no way that my body can be content with staying at my current weight - maybe 10 pounds from this weight, but certainly not the current weight.  There must be something I'm missing.  A couple options I am looking at are the Simply Filling technique from WW and also a friend suggested alternating high point days with low point days (low being eating my points target for the day though, not going below).  I think the simply filling option will take some major planning, so I might save that for next week.

Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

I hope you find what works for you. Have you had other plateaus through this journey and how did you break them? Ok so I guess a plateau doesn't mean gaining, but the numbers are headed in the 'wrong' direction. You're obviously very capable - I hope you find what it is that works for you. Here's to a better week!!!!! ;)

Tanya said...

Hi Miss April. I've not really had any true plateaus - I've had some serious slowdowns and the occasional gain, but this is the first time I've had two gains in a row.

Thanks! :)