Monday, August 1, 2011

Results of The Great Beet Experiment

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And so began the Great Beet Experiment to see if am still the beet hater I was as a child.

Scrub the beets and add S&P

wrap them up in foil and baked at 325 for 90 mins
Hmm, they still look the same
The beets get naked
Tada!  Notice the odd combo of sushi, broccoli and beets?
The sushi was my "prize" for trying the beets :)
So overall the beets were fine.  Not as detestable as I remember.  I would almost say they were good, but I have to admit that they are not a veggie I would go looking for.  That being said, if they are served to me on a dinner plate in the future, I will probably eat them :)  I think I will count this as a non-scale victory.  What veggie should I try next?  Brussels Sprouts perhaps?  I have a feeling they will get a vote from at least one of my readers... and when you DO comment Miss S., don't forget to give me your recipe that has maple syrup in it!! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Can you bring that plate over here? It has 3 of my favorite foods on it, what a great looking dinner. I love beets! I detest brussel sprouts, tell me how you make them taste good and I might break down and give them another whirl. I've had them soaked in butter and cheese and still found them to be inedible. Uggh.

Tanya said...

Haha, two of those three items are favs of mine :) As soon as I make Brussels Sprouts taste good, I'll broadcast it here...stay tuned. I have to admit that I've never tried them before... but a friend of mine insists that they're good with maple syrup...we'll see.

Shondi said...

Brussels sprouts - roasted with maple syrup and bacon. Yum. You probably had them boiled as a kid. From frozen. Soggy and cabbagey. Fresh and roasted? Totolly different experience. You should give them a second chance!

Tanya said...

Nope, never tried them in my life :) Might give 'em a try soon...once the beet experience wears off!

Angela Pea said...

Oh, I LOVE beets!! Especially diced up in a salad.

Brussels sprouts - they're pretty tasty, too! I'm with Shondi forget about the frozen mess, and get them fresh! Ten Thousand times better! My favorite way to make them:

Microwave fresh sprouts until tender, cool, then cut in half. (You can also boil, but microwaving is faster and preserves the pretty color!) In a large skillet saute diced onion in a bit of olive oil and butter until caramelized. Toss in brussels sprouts and continue cooking until they are hot and starting to brown. Add salt, pepper and a splash of basalmic vinegar or white wine and serve.

I want Shondi's recipe, too. Maple syrup and bacon make the world go 'round!

Tanya said...

Stay tuned Angela Pea! I love anything maple and, yes, bacon does make the world go 'round!!! ;-)